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storm watch

4/20/11 by gta123

watching for tornadoes right now were having winds up to 80 mph golf ball size hail and thunderstorms so powerfull they shook the house hard enough for dishes to fall out of the cabinets

looking to get a honda

4/17/11 by gta123
Updated 4/17/11

have my eye on a honda similar to this one XD im going to try to buy it im tired of v8s time to play with some turbo-ed four cylinders

looking to get a honda

i got a job

4/16/11 by gta123
Updated 4/16/11

well im saving up to buy me a honda ek and tuning it im a die hard muscle car fan but i have alot of respect for honda and toyotas and all imports im sick of v8s and have alot of interest in fixing a honda ek up so im working at a shop to make some money

we had a few tornadoes and some hail! wind direction kept changing every minute and next thing i know a damn funnel cloud drops out of the sky and TOUCHDOWN we have a tornado lasted for only 5 or 10 minutes wasn't really bad at all i sit on the car port and watched it the whole time XD

lolz local person put his mustang up for sale need 26,900 fast XD

i need to be rich

aint nothing like a country boy we love who we are no matter what people thinks and wouldnt leave our home land even if you give us a million dollars

so I have been thinking of a new engine design and I'm gonna try it out and see how it works I'm going to do my first field of test on a briggs mower engine and then work my way up to a v8 engine I'll let who ever it may concern know how it works not only is it a new engine design but also an alternative fuel with zero emission its not electricity or hydrogen :D

nice truck

3/29/11 by gta123

this is my 97 ford f150 it has a 5.4 liter v8 and dual exhaust probably the best looking truck on newgrounds :D

nice truck

R.I.P Eazy E

3/23/11 by gta123

he put Compton on that map! he died march 26 1995 due to complications from aids

had to take a break from the other music i have been listening to lately so i put up a psyhcedelic-ish song of black sabbath called planet caravan